Michigan Creamed Honey – 8 oz Glass Jar

This product consists of 8 ounces of Michigan creamed wildflower honey lovingly packaged in a wide mouth glass jar. Creamed honey is 100% pure honey. By carefully controlling the crystallization process (all honey crystallizes naturally over time) we have produced a very smooth texture that spreads just like peanut butter! Kid's love creamed honey, and its much easier cleanup for mom, as it does not drip and spill like liquid honey, yet tastes every bit as good!

Pure honey produced by our own chemical free beehives here in the West Michigan area. Our bees forage a variety of floral sources, including white dutch clover, star thistle, black locust, basswood and more. Our honey is a beautiful amber color with a mild pleasant taste. Our honey is very different from what you find in the large chain grocery store near your home. This is pure honey directly from our beehives to your table. Our hives are kept free of all antibiotics and chemical miticides, that are commonly used in larger commercial operations. In addition, our honey is not mixed with imported honey of unknown origins, subjected to intense heating, micro filtration, etc. Our honey is pure and natural, fresh from the hive.


Price: $7.00

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