Michigan Wild Flower Honey – 8oz classic muth jars (3 pack)

This product contains a pack of 3 classic glass muth jars, each containing 8 ounces of delicious Michigan wildflower honey. These jars are replicas of the jars that Charles Muth marketed honey in during the late 1800s. Each jar is embossed with a picture of a beehive and the words "Eight Ounces Pure Honey". This is a very attractive classic looking jar that makes a great addition to your homemade holiday gift baskets.

Pure honey produced by our locally managed apiaries here in the West Michigan area. Our bees forage a variety of floral sources, including white dutch clover, star thistle, black locust, basswood and more. The honey they produce is a beautiful amber color with a mild pleasant taste. Our honey is very different from what you find in the large chain grocery store near your home. This is pure honey directly from our beehives to your table. In addition, our honey is not mixed with imported honey of unknown origins, subjected to intense heating, micro filtration, etc. Our honey is pure and natural, fresh from the hive. Note that all honey granulates. Some honey will granulate very quickly, some more slowly. However, granulated honey is still perfectly fine! To make granulated honey liquid again place the honey container in very hot water (but not boiling!) and let stand until it is completely liquid again.


Price: $17.00

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