Michigan Wildflower Honey – 2oz Bear

Fine Michigan wildflower honey, harvested from our Michigan apiaries.  This honey is a light amber honey with the sweet aroma of the flora foraged and a very pleasant mild taste. These 2oz bears are very popular for wedding favors!  The price listed is for a single bear.  Please contact us for a quote if you would like larger quantities for your wedding or wedding shower.

Comes in an adorable 2oz plastic honey bear. These are very popular as wedding favors. The honey will be a light amber color with the mild flowery taste derived from the primary nectar sources in the West Michigan area: Dutch Clover, Starthistle, and Bassword. Our honey is very different from what you find in the large chain grocery store near your home. This is pure honey directly from our beehives to your table. In addition, our honey is not mixed with imported honey of unknown origins, subjected to intense heating, micro filtration, etc. Our honey is pure and natural, fresh from the hive.


Price: $2.75

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