Honey in the comb!

There are lots of conflicting definitions for raw honey, but if you truly want to savor honey in the raw, you need to try comb honey – honey that remains in the comb just as the bees placed it! 

What is raw honey?


Definitions abound as to what raw honey is and is not, depending on who you are talking to. Here’s an attempt to clarify the confusion once and for all!

Why Bees Swarm

People typically respond in one of two ways to seeing thousands of bees clustered on a tree in their yard 1) recoil with horror at the beepocalypse that is apparently taking place in their front lawn. 2) lean in with curiosity and fascination at the sight.   We’d like more people to respond in the latter fashion, so let’s take a look at what is actually going on here.

What beekeepers do in the winter

Sometime ago, we posted an article about what bees do in the winter. It occurred to us, that our readers might be wondering what the keepers of bees do in the winter as well.

Small Scale Queen Rearing

There is no “easy” way to raise good queens, however the “cell punch” method is an effective way to raise queens on a small scale without having to deal with the complications of grafting larva.

Why Care About Honey Bees?

Honeybees are one of the most amazing creatures the Creator has placed here below. They are are fascinating, and they also exhibit many qualities that we humans were meant to but often do not. Honeybees are industrious. Read more.

Why Buy Local Honey?

According to some people local honey will cure your allergies, and others are simply into locally grown products. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint or support local agriculture, buying honey that’s made by local bees is not a bad idea. Read more.

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