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  • Sale! 12 oz jar of ultra raw chunk honey,

    Chunk Honey – Ultra Raw!

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  • Cut comb honey section.

    Michigan Cut Comb Honey

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  • 16oz raw honey in glass jar

    Raw Michigan Wildflower Honey – 16oz Jar

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    Raw Michigan Wildflower Honey – 16oz Jar (3 Pack)

  • 32 oz glass jar of raw honey

    Raw Michigan Wildflower Honey – 32oz Jar

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    Raw Michigan Wildflower Honey – 32oz Jar (3 Pack)

  • 16oz raw honey in glass jar

    Raw Michigan Wildflower Honey – 8oz Jar

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    Raw Michigan Wildflower Honey – 8oz Jar (3 pack)

  • Basswood section of comb honey in cardboard carton.

    Retro Michigan Comb Honey

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Unheated & Unfiltered..

Straight from the hive

According to the National Honey Board, raw honey is simply honey that has not been heated or filtered.  The only allowable processing would be to let it settle in a tank (e.g. any debris in the honey floats to the top) and honey is gated out of the bottom, or to remove larger non-honey particles such as wax and bee parts by straining it (e.g. a mesh material – not a fine filter). Others define raw honey as any honey that has not been subjected to temperatures higher than what would occur naturally in the hive.

We stick to the more conservative definition: unheated and unfiltered.  We offer raw honey in both extract (liquid) form as well as honey still in the comb.  We also offer “chunk” honey which is liquid honey with a chunk of comb honey in the jar.   Comb honey is much harder to fine, so if you like it buy it when we have it!  We almost always sell all of our comb honey by late fall / early winter.     

chunk of raw comb honey

Comb Honey

Honey the way the bees Like It!

When selling honey at farmer's markets and craft shows, its always interesting to learn that many consumer do not now what comb honey is!  If they do recognize it, they are uncertain of how they might eat it.   "Can you eat the wax?",  they ask.   Well, when the honey is still in the comb its going to difficult to eat it without eating the wax along with it!

Comb honey is basically pure honey still sealed in the comb the way the bees produce it.  To produce comb honey we introduce frames with a really thin sheet of edible beeswax foundation upon which the bees draw out  comb.  Once the comb is drawn the bees will store nectar in it, which is gradually turned into honey by the bees.  Once it is fully cured, the bees cap the honey with a thin layer of beeswax.  At that point the honey can be removed from the hive, and the combs cut into sections and packaged.  By forcing the bees to construct new combs, you are left with a light virgin beeswax that is fully edible. 

You can use comb honey just as you do extract honey, wax and all.   Spread it on your toast, spoon it into your tea, drizzle it on your ice cream, or however else you like your honey.  If you haven't tried comb honey, you definitely should! 

cut comb honey