Baker’s Honey – 1 Gal Jug


1 gallon of Michigan Wildflower Honey

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Excellent for baking, brewing, and mead making.   Our baker’s honey is pure Michigan wildflower honey produced by our bees right here in W. Michigan.  It is honey that has been separated from capping wax during the extraction process via heat and as such is darker with a bold caramel flavor.  1 gallon of honey is approximately 12 lbs.   Comes in convenient wide mouth 1 gallon jug.
We produce a limited amount of baker’s honey each year, and due to the highly discounted price we sell out quickly, so order soon if you are interested.  Please note this item is excluded from our free shipping policy.  If you are local you are welcome email or call us to arrange a local pickup and avoid shipping charges.

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Weight13 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 10 in